I started this company because there was no CBD oil available that was sourced from quality trimmed CBD flower. I knew I had to educate everyone about what CBD Oil should be.

Meet Our Team

Stephen DeLuca Co-Founder

Meet Stephen DeLuca. Our CEO and serial entrepreneur. Stephen started out in film and television in his early teens working his way to be an editor and writer for ABC’s Emmy award winning show Born to Explore. His goal is to work his hardest to provide the best quality Whole Flower CBD oil at an affordable price to everyone. He also wanted to use his talents as a filmmaker to continue educating and promoting Vermont Whole Flower’s CBD. Be on the lookout for videos!

Charlie Stanley Co-Founder

Meet Charlie Stanley. Charlie used to work at an insurance firm in New York, but we picked him out of the office and brought him up to Vermont, where he uses his sales skills to get our product out to you. Not only does he do sales but also has his hand in helping with growing and understanding the products beginning to end. His passion to help others matched perfectly with our mission to provide the highest quality Whole Flower CBD available.

James Masiello Co-Founder

Meet James Masiello. After majoring in Agriculture at Uconn, he strives to not only grow, breed, and provide the healthiest CBD plants with the highest CBD content but to also help spread awareness of the amazing benefits of whole flower CBD. He strives for perfection in everything he does and with each product you try. His passion for film works hand in hand with the goal of this company to continue to educate and produce high CBD content with varieties of cannabinoids and specific strains.

For those who have tried CBD products in the past and were disappointed with the results

Whole Flower, Strain Specific, CBD introduces a new alternative for effective and safe treatment and groundbreaking innovation in the CBD industry. It is small-batch, handcrafted, and organically made by the three guys you see.

Our CBD is not processed with chemicals like all the others.

To create the best CBD in the industry, we use intense heat, an extensive period of time, and high pressure. We are able to infuse the CBD from the best quality trichomes off the whole flower into our organic coconut MCT oil. We do this all in Vermont sourced from our farm.

Stephen’s Story

Stephen’s journey to recovery was unorthodox and radical – yet a paramount indication of Whole Flower CBD's power. Read more to discover how he overcame Benzodiazapame addiction with Whole Flower CBD.