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Whole Flower CBD Oil made from strain specific, trimmed flower is scientifically proven to be better, more consistent, and more potent

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Strain: Hawaiian Haze

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Strain: Lifter

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Strain: Elektra

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Strain: White CBG

How We're Different

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Just trimmed CBD Flower

You wouldn't blend a whole tomato plant to make tomato sauce, so why do other CBD brands use the "Whole Plant" which is 80% stalk, stem and leaves to make their products?Gross! We on the other hand focus on trimmed Whole FLOWER material - the most potent part of the plant so you get the best product possible.


Strain specific

Would you say "can I have a glass of wine?" No! You'd say "can I have a glass of Merlot, Cabernet ect..." CBD isn't just CBD it's a unqiue strain that has different  effects and terpenes. We hand-select the best exotic strains to create a consistent, superior product.  Have some fun and find the strain that works best for you!


Natural Infusion

Would you like CBD that processed similar to orange juice concentrate or would you rather have fresh squeezed? Many CBD brands use harsh chemicals such as ethanol, alcohol, or CO2 to extract their CBD. Not us!  We only use trimmed CBD & CBG Flower when infusing our trimmed CBD and CBG flowers with organic coconut MCT oil, a clean process to preserve flavor, potency and ensure the best quality products.


Laboratory Tested

Every product is third-party lab tested to ensure accuracy, safety, and purity so you can trust our Whole Flower Oils to be clean and effective.

Read about our testing Learn More  →

Your CBD has made it's way into my morning routine, and sets me up for a great day! 

Greg D. MD

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Lifter Whole Flower CBD Oil

I've noticed so much much difference with your products vs any other CBD brand

Erin R, PA

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Sleep CBD Oil

I love Vermont Whole Flower! It's very soothing and helps a lot with my stress! 

Liz G. CA

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Sleep CBD Oil